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Energetics – to meet the increasing demand we created the Power Engineering Department. We take complex care of electricity users since the conception of an idea, throughout its design, to performing the power engineering works.

Development of civilization and increase of welfare, recently especially seen in Europe, creates greater demand for electricity. The increase of the demand requires building of new overhead and cable medium-voltage and low-voltage power lines. Presently the focus is on medium-voltage lines, since they provide improvement of supply’s security for the receivers and limit the network losses.

We design and install:

  • overhead and cable medium-voltage power lines
  • overhead and cable low-voltage power lines
  • electrical connection of low-voltage lines into distribution network
  • building of medium-voltage and low-voltage transformer stations
  • reconstruction of medium-voltage and low-voltage power lines in relation to collision with designed objects
  • building of a power engineering power supply along with a transformer station with indirect measurement for private receivers
  • low-voltage industrial electric installations, including: cable ducting, busbars, interior and exterior installations along with street and park lighting

The building process of professional wirings require specialized tools. To minimize the costs related to digging, demolition of streets and pavements we included jacking and directional drilling in our offer.

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